New JALT Officers

From the new JALT year the following people have agreed to be responsible for basic Shizuoka JALT operations:

President: Jon Dujmovich
Treasurer: Farrah Hasnain
Programmes: Nicholette Burchell
Publicity: Gregg McNabb
Membership: Leveth Jackson

Members at large (to help with facilities and other support):

Matt Keighley
Yuuki Yasutomi
Hiroko Kataoka

It also needs to be acknowledged that Shizuoka JALT would certainly not be where it is today without the tireless efforts and support of past officers and members at large:
Masahiko Goshi (treasurer)
Wendy Gough (programmes co-chair)
Susan Sullivan (programmes co-chair)
Also to Mayumi Shimizu (membership), Matt Keighley (publicity) and Daichi Tanabe (vice-president), who helped with the transition from two separate chapters to our current amalgamated chapter.
Finally, to Santiago Cortez for taking care of facilities and a lot more on the Hamamatsu side for many years.