Making Time for Research: an Educator’s Experience — Winifred Lewis Shiraishi

September 25, 2022 Location: Shizuoka Prefecture Education Center (静岡県教育会館すんぷらーざ) 1:00-3:00 PM (Workshop will begin at 1:30) One-time visitor ¥1,000

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Professional Development (PD) is an important facet of an educator’s career. Attending conferences, keeping up with current research trends, and participating in PD activities enhances career trajectories as well as job satisfaction. Yet for many educators, PD gets pushed to the side because class preparation and administrative tasks require the bulk of their time. In addition, finances, family responsibilities, and other commitments and constraints often leave some educators with the feeling that any kind of professional development is an impossible task.

Drawing on my own experiences teaching from preschool to university, I will discuss how participation in professional research has enhanced my life and career. I will also address some of the challenges faced by part-time instructors in particular and practical ways to overcome them. This talk will be of particular interest to educators who work in a variety of settings (preschool, primary, secondary, business) and are looking for professional development opportunities while balancing myriad commitments.