New Year My Share

Saturday, January 23, 2021, 18:00-20:00

Shizuoka (online via Zoom — url will be uploaded here on 1/23 – there will be a button you can click on to enter)

This event has now ended. Thank you so much to all who attended and contributed to making it a successful event.

Event Speakers:

Jean Taylor, Kinsella Valies, Marcus Grandon, Michael Boyce, Adam Jenkins and José Domingo Cruz, Adrianne Verla Uchida, Gregg McNabb, Susan Laura Sullivan

Fee for JALT members: Free Fee for non-JALT members: Free

Eight presenters showcasing research, expertise and/or teaching tips for ten minutes each.

Presenters will examine topics such as Video exchange with a classroom in Malaysia, Encouraging online discussion in classes, Exploring aspects of sharing information about teaching, and adapting our approaches to teaching, particularly in an online environment(MOOse and RATT), Practical ideas for classroom use, New challenges in administering extensive reading programmes, and Professional and pedagogical areas of research.

For details and the Zoom link, see the Shizuoka JALT Homepage on the night of the meeting:

1. Jean Taylor: Video exchange with a classroom in Malaysia:

In an updated version of ‘pen pals,’ eighth-grade students here in Shizuoka exchanged class video messages with a seventh-grade class in Malaysia. It proved to be a great creative endeavour, as well as a way to keep alive the fun of international exchange in this Age of Corona.

2. Kinsella Valies: You talking to me? –English-speaking Practice Through Movies.

This 4-lesson project was part of a summer community outreach English speaking skills through the use of English language Hollywood movies.

3. Marcus Grandon: Basic research projects as classroom materials

Basic-level research projects can make excellent materials for language study. I’ll show and discuss results from projects done by students.

Marcus Grandon holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics from Aston University. His research focuses on the use of materials for language lessons in Japanese university classrooms.

4. Michael Boyce: Recognizing Positionality: Professionally and Personally

What is our position? This is one of those seemingly easy questions that somehow gets increasingly complex as it rolls around in our heads. In this brief talk a review of positionality and identity will be followed by a dive into the theoretical and practical applications of positionality in our lives.

Michael is in the final stretch of his EdD in Organizational Leadership, with a sprinkle of an MA in negotiation, conflict resolution and peacebuilding thrown in for good measure.

5. Adam Jenkins and José Domingo Cruz: The MOOSe* and the RATT**: a new way to share ideas.

*MOOSe: Massively Open Online Sessions

**RATT (Reduced/Altered Toolset Teaching)

6. Adrianne Verla Uchida: Examining two years of using the Four-Dimensional Education Framework

Summary: This presentation will introduce the Four-Dimensional Education Framework (Fadel, Bialik, & Trilling, 2015) and its integration over two years of an English II course. Course documents, student reflections, and course evaluations were examined to analyse how effective the tasks and projects were at developing the framework’s four dimensions.

7. Gregg McNabb: New Challenges in Administering Extensive Reading Programmes

Summary: due to technological advances, your students might not be reading as you think they are.

8. Susan Laura Sullivan : Fostering Discussion Online.

Ways and means of fostering discussion online in English amongst Japanese English language learners at a university level.

Sue teaches at Tokai University. She holds a Master of Fine Arts (creative writing), and a MATESOL. Areas of interest are creativity, autonomy and learner agency.