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Dinner & Discussion with Professor Dat Bao                            November 28, 2018 7:00-9:00 at “Zen”.  RSVP
Shizuoka JALT has agreed to host one of the JALT Featured Speakers, Professor Dat Bao from Australia. He is a well-published and well-traveled educator-writer-researcher.
His topic will be related to using poetry/literature in our classes.
If you are thinking : “Literature? Poetry, nah” or kind of view that as “not being my thing,” please do come along all the same to show Shizuokan hospitality, just as you would hope people from another country would welcome you, were you presenting there. Bring ideas/questions with you!
We will have a sit-at-the-table dinner-discussion at ZEN. That way, you can finish work, come for a few bites, maybe have a drink and be “edified.” I’ve checked it out personally. There’s something for everyone: veggies, fish (including eel), pizza, yakitori, gyouza — you name it (see below). For this dinner there will be a small subsidy from JALT.
Location: It’s on the ground floor of the Sorriso Hotel, just 30 seconds from Hamamatsu Station on the south side. They pride themselves on natural ingredients (they write this on their website).
RSVP. In order to reserve and prepare correctly, this is RSVP. Please tell me if you are going to attend. Please reply no later than 11/9  Friday.    rgregg@hotmail.com
Gregg McNabb
Shizuoka JALT — PR
Dat Bao has worked with Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK, Cornell University in the US, the National University of Singapore, the Assumption University of Thailand, and presently Monash University. His current research interests include curriculum development, world-related learning, intercultural education, and creative pedagogy in language education. With research experiences in England, Australia, China, Japan, the Philippines, and Thailand he has over 50 publications in books and  journals. He has given numerous presentations in four continents including being a plenary speaker at international conferences. His recent books include Understanding silence and reticence: Ways of participating in SLA (Bloomsbury, 2014), Poetry for Education: Classroom ideas that inspire creative thiking (Xlibris, 2017), Creativity and innovations in ELT materials: Looking beyond the current design (Multilingual Matters, 2018).


Saturday, September 29 from 1:30 – 4:30  at the Create Hamamatsu Bldg. Room 22  (http://www.hcf.or.jp/facilities/create/access/)
Fee for non-JALT members: 1,000 yen

Many people think that children raised by parents who speak two or more languages will naturally become bilingual or multilingual. However, in a monolingual country (such as Japan or the USA), raising a bilingual child requires planning and attention. This presentation covers six factors involved for successful bilingualism. Also presented are the social, emotional and cognitive benefits of raising children to speak in two or more languages. Tips for adding bi-literacy skills will be included. This talk will be of benefit to any family that is hoping their child(ren) will be bilingual.

Presenter Bio
Mary Nobuoka came to Japan in 1994 and has taught English to every proficiency level, from age 2 to 82. She volunteered as the coordinator of the JALT Bilingualism Special Interest Group from 2011 to 2015. Before that she was editor of the Children’s Resource column for the Bilingualism Japan newsletter. She served as an executive board member for JALT from 2011 to 2015. Currently she teaches courses at Gakushin, Waseda and Keio universities, including a leadership skills course. In addition to her teaching at universities, Mary has coordinated English playgroups and now teaches literacy skills to bilingual elementary school students. She also holds a teacher’s license from the Sogetsu School of Ikebana and sometimes offers courses in English. In her free time she enjoys gardening and cooking for her husband and 16-year-old bilingual son. She has two adorable, bilingual cats. She also volunteers at her local public library, reading children’s books in English.