Pre-JALT International Conference  Showcase & AGM

Saturday November 4, 2023 at 2pm
In-person meeting at the Azalea Gender Equality Center (静岡県男女共同参画センター「あざれあ」) in Kenkyushitsu Room #3. Free to all.

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Showcasing the work of Shizuoka JALT members attending the upcoming  International JALT Conference (November 24-27.

  1. Peter Clements: Identity Work for Future Language Teachers

Language teacher training has emphasized the importance of reflection in fostering the “identity work” that helps teachers construct a strong sense of self as they prepare for educational careers. I explore the importance of identity work for future language teachers, focusing specifically on the efficacy of having preservice language teachers write personal stories about learning and teaching that they analyze using the tools of narrative inquiry.

  • 2. Adrianne Verla Uchida: Professional Growth Through Critical Friendships
  • Abstract:
    Teachers recognize the value of professional development but may feel unsure of how to engage in it. One way educators look for opportunities to connect with others and support growth is through critical friendships. This forum showcases the experiences of six EFL professionals in Japan and their critical friendships. Panelists will share approaches to researching their critical friendship and what they gained from it. Participants will discuss how to identify good critical friendship partners.

    3. Gregg McNabb & Susan Laura Sullivan: Brief overview of selected SIGs, forums, AGMs and what these SIGs do in general.