Classroom activities to engage and motivate students!

Prof. Jonathan Dehaan

Date & time: May 28, 2022 (1pm-5pm) Face to face event! *Note: the meeting will not last until 5:00. 1-5 is a booked time
slot at the venue. Location: Shizuoka city, Gender Equality Center Azalea, Room 505

Practical, hands on, you’re going to “take stuff home” After Jonathan’s presentation, there will be a moderated discussion and Q&A session.

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****Because this event will be held before both the PanSIG and JALTCALL conferences, we’d also like to give ShizuJALT members who are presenting at either of those conferences a chance to practice their presentations and share their ideas. We’re looking for 2 or 3 presenters* to present alongside our invited speaker, Jonathan Dehaan (details below). So, if you’d like to practice your PanSIG or JALTCALL presentation, or you’d like to present on a topic that fits the theme described below, ‘practical classroom activities’, please fill out this form by May 8.****

Jonathan’s abstract

Games (e.g., conversation games, digital games, role plays) have been used for decades in language teaching. Unfortunately, language with games research has primarily focused on technologies and motivation, and doesn’t offer much to help teachers “do more” with games in their classrooms. In this teacher-focused talk, I’ll “dive deep” on my recent teaching/research/design agenda: integrating (a wide variety of) games with a comprehensive teaching method: the Pedagogy of Multiliteracies. I will give you ideas and materials and techniques to take into your classrooms (or labs). These will vary from thinking about “big picture” questions like “why are we teaching and learning?” to different types of teaching (traditional <–> progressive), specific activities, and the different things that a teacher can say and do to lead, guide, mediate, support, direct and transform learners, classrooms, and society.