Hamamatsu: My Share

Hamamatsu: My Share
December 16 @1800 sharp
(doors open @ 1730)
Party at Mucho Amigo from 2000. Tons of food and drinks for 4,000円.
You can submit your “My Share” title and abstract to Gregg McNabb or Nicolette Burchill

1. Adam Jenkins — Effort-based Evaluation
2. Farrah Hasnain — The History of Immigration in Japan
3. Susan Sullivan — Voice Thread
4. Jody Friberg — Portfolios as a means to better academic writing
5. Leveth Jackson — Integrating Technology with Bloom’s Taxonomy
6. Michael Boyce — The Happiness Project
7. Gregg McNabb — The Internet is good, but your students also need textbooks
8. Kinsella Valies — The Game is On: A Performance-based Assessment Project
In class, oral competency assessment can be made motivating by fostering learner independence, creativity and collaboration. Project-based instruction and assessment can provide an inclusive framework for this that ties into authentic, English language pop culture phenomena. The presenter will introduce a personally implemented class project, its results and limitations.
9. Nami Takase — Online activities and language learning
Even though research shows that online exchanges are beneficial, little is still known of the details of the learning outcomes on how online language learning is beneficial for second language acquisition. In the presentation, I’ll share results of two studies on chat rooms and email exchange and how it has equal or better effect versus face-to-face practice.